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Conduct opinion research for your Public Relations.

The benefits of earned media coverage statistically outweigh those of paid media. Why? Continue reading …

As custom, public relations specialists will turn to market research to drive the strategy for PR or marketing campaigns.

However, there is another application to be explored. Public Relations surveys are a powerful public relations tool that a number of brands have utilized for years to make headlines.

But First...What is a PR Survey?

Turning an idea into attention-grabbing news headlines through the use of public opinion polling, although the results can be used for much more; There are a lot of reasons why your brand or company should conduct PR surveys. Here is why …


Use PR Surveys to earn media coverage

Is your brand seeking to obtain media coverage? A PR survey yields newsworthy data that can be easily crafted into a press release and distributed to journalists.

To be considered a thought leader in your industry.

With the ownership of new data and ideas through exclusive research, your company will have proprietary information that sets it apart from your competitors. More credibility, increased exposure and business development opportunities.

One of the most cost-effective methodologies

Why’s that? Rather than investing thousands and thousands of dollars into a paid digital advertising campaign, PR surveys allow companies to invest a fraction of their traditional advertising budgets into market research and generate earned media coverage.


There are Endless Uses for PR Survey Data

Turning exclusive market research data into eye-catching deliverables such as press releases, infographics, and other social media content is one of the many advantages of conducting a PR survey.

These deliverables will help your company generate media coverage and communicate the findings with internal and external stakeholders.

- Support data-driven marketing campaigns

- Sell consumer products or experiences

- Website copy and blog posts

- Webinars

Do you have questions about how to make surveys work for PR? We can help with your ideas for PR polling,

· PR Market Research is quick

· What is newsworthy at the time?

· What is trending in your industry?


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